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Selected Book and Publication References

Publications, by author, featuring Warren Winiarski:


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Written by, Warren Winiarski: 

Winiarski, Warren, Wine and Philosophy: A Symposium on Thinking and Drinking, Chapter 17 "The Old World and The New: Worlds Apart?". Wiley-Blackwell,  September, 1998.

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Winiarski, Warren, History of Political Philosophy, Edited by Leo Strauss and Joseph Cropsey, The University of Chicago

Published by Rand McNally & Company, Chicago 1963.

 Niccolo Machiavelli, by Warren Winiarski, University of Chicago, pp. 247-276.

Winiarski, Warren, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars News, "Pakistan - Blueprint for the Primordial Vine," Summer 1989. 

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Winiarski, Warren, Wines & Vines, "Hierarchy of Wine Quality," August 1986. 

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Winiarski, Warren et al. Wines & Vines, June 1996. The Davis 20-point scale: How does it score today? An effort to describe the need for a revision of the historic (circa mid-1930) standard Davis method of scoring wines to take account of contemporary wines of greater complexity. 

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