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US-France Wine Showdown 40th Year Settlement in Tokyo

Updated: Jun 10, 2021


By Etsuko Komiya

Published June 24, 2017

Read the full article in Japanese here.

English translation:

June 2017 TV BS11 Program Introduction

Travel/ Culture /Documentary US-France Wine Contest Judgment in Tokyo 40 Years On

A blind tasting event of French and Napa, California wines was held in Paris in 1976. The results contradicted every expectation with wins by virtually unknown Napa wines. French pride was certifiably damaged, with judges requesting the results not be made public after an event that came to be known as the “Judgment of Paris”.

Both sides initially agreed to hold the event every ten years, but when it was held again ten and 30 years later, Napa wines won again. No event was held to mark 40 years in 2016.

That was when Japanese wine lovers decided to resurrect the event and hold a blind tasting in Tokyo to mark the 40th anniversary. The wines were exactly the same ones served at the original “Judgment of Paris” and the purpose of the event was not to determine a winner between the US and France, but to celebrate the development of wine overall, reflecting on the significance of the original event in wine history.

This program showcases the tasting event, the party of 200 guests who gathered to enjoy the vintage wines, and an interview with the owner of the Napa winery crowned champion 40 years earlier at the inaugural “Judgment of Paris.” It also includes an introduction into the history of Napa wine with local footage from the valley, and recommendations from experts and specialty stores for enjoying Napa wines in Japan.

An hour to make every viewer a Napa wine connoisseur.

Announcer: Etsuko Komiya

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